Saturday, September 8, 2012

Purplish joy in my garden..

Heyo everyone!! This is just a quick entry on brinjal growing in my garden. Remember the brinjal plant that showed flower bud in the previous entry? Well, it had been one busy week for me and yes, I neglected my garden too!..Only counting  on Mr Warhammer to water them once a day (which I suspected he missed on some of the days). When coming back from work one day, to my dismay, the bud looked dried up and showed no hope at all..huhhuhuhu..Anyway, life goes on as usual and just yesterday, I really browsed through my garden when I saw a glimpse of purplish, oblong thing tucked away neatly between the leaves. It was my very first brinjal! I read in Mr Iskandar's blog that it should be plucked when it is most shining, so I plucked the courage and pluck it today..Look at my purple bundle of joy..:)

I know it was not much, but it means everything to me..I even showed to my daughter who did not recognize brinjal plant and happened to make mistake in her science exam the other day when 1 of the question asked which one is brinjal plant..As there is only 1 at the moment, I plan to just boil it and eat with some sambal belacan. See you again, guys!!


  1. Cute brinjal! I would smile too if spotted one in my garden! Hope you enjoyed your brinjal with sambal belacan, sounds yummy!