Thursday, January 19, 2012

A loooong break and todays harvest..

Heyo sooorrryyy for the long break..I had just submitting my final thesis draft to my supervisor and presenting my thesis to the department..Things are going rather slow in my garden..In fact, there were some failures that has been demotivating me lately.First, my tomatoes..they have grown so nicely and started flowering but to my dismay, the flower did not turn to fruits!This has happened twice! I wonder what went wrong..Next is my chilly plants.. I bought 1 pot from a nursery in Sg Buloh. They strated fruiting a lot, but the second harvest, the fruits were distorted..must be something wrong with my fertiliser but I couldnn't put my finger on it..The chilly plant I grew from seeds had also started flowering but did not turn into fruits!Anyway, this is part and parcel of being a farmer, right??Anyway, just enjoy other plants that I have in my garden guys!!
I am your new tour guide..I will give you a tour in my mom's vegetable garden..
Daikon  or white radish..they grow so well in this little pot..I just know that the leaves are also edible..they recommended stir-fry..

French bean climbing up my fence..thay have started flowering but no fruits yet..

My loyal okras or lady's finger..I have 5 of them and all started fruiting at the same time..Total harvest was 28 fruits..this plant was recommended for beginners..they are so easy to grow and maintain!

Tomato flowers..they just dried up and did not turn into fruits!

Spinach or bayam..for 2 days dinner..

Todays harvest..I plucked them right before going to work..

"Happy Gardening, Folks!!"