Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A bouquet of purple surprises..

Just a quick entry..I snapped this picture of lovely purple basil flower appearing from my cinnamon basil pot when I came back from work today..

Lovely purple surprises under my porch..

My row of Mediterranean herbs under my porch..

Western dinner..

Rice was out of the menu nowadays..sick and tired of eating rice the whole week..So we are having lasagne for dinner..It took me only 45 minutes to prepare everything and another 30 minutes to wait for them to baked into golden crusty perfection..Enjoy the pics..anybody interested in the recipe can request later, ok??

The lasagne was accompanied by a simple butterhead lettuce with a home-made thousand island dressing..

Golden crusty perfection!


A looongg silence.. has been a long silence..been buzy with life, folks..anyway, my edible garden was still given attention every now and then..most of the plants have grown well that they needed very minimal attention, such as the kale (kailan) and the okras..Some have also given me pleasant surprises such as the roselle plants which have started flowering..Enjoy my updates guys!!

My faithful okra plants..they have been bearing me with lovely fruits to be shared among my family..been putting them into my fish curry, asam pedas and even pasta (believe it or not)!

This sweet smelling flower plant (think it is jasmine, correct me if I'm wrong) was a gift from my O& G physician (cum our family friend) from Myanmar..Tq Dr SL!

This is Butterhead lettuce..they are not growing well in my garden..these are the only 2 survivors left..the rest has been wilted away some time ago..:(

Slow-bolting coriander purchased from stalk has already bolted under the hot spell weather..but they are doing very well, sharing the pot with the chives and now, onion (pic not included)

My proud pot of kale (kailan).I have harvested them once for my beef soup and they just grow back again, looking so green and lush..been thinking to stir-fry them with some salted fish next week..look out kale, nx week I'm going to come and get you!!Hehehe..(evil laughter)..

Tomyam chillies plus bird chillies, both in the same small pot, purchased from Sg Buloh..they are doing quite ok..

Brinjals..they are doing quite well since I moved them out from under the shade, casted by the roselle plant..can't wait to have brinjals/eggplants in my garden..
A qick break..look what I found resting under the shade of my now aging okra plant..very pretty indeed..

Finally, the 4 month wait is over..this comes from the thin roselle plant..The other one was growing well compared to this one, but this one flowered first..actually they are 2 roselle plants sharing a medium sized pot..but they are doing better than the one in the big pot (I wonder why)..Maybe the one in the big pot has gone lazy to bear me those heavy, vitamin C enriched fruits..hahahaha..what a thought..  

So guys, what are you waiting for?? Start growing your own food in your garden..If I can do it, you can too!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I fell in looove...with the daikon!!

Sorry for the lack of post guys..Anyway, today becomes a new era in the Pinkie Rabbit's household..yup...we are going to add another vegetable into our favourite veggies's the daikon/ white radish or lobak putih! To tell you the truth I have quite an experience with daikon just a few weeks before..I bought a white daikon from the local supermarket which is quite huge..I made it into soup accompanied with my faithful spinach..n it tasted yucks!!It tasted like all I would imagine daikon would be ..hard, tasteless and bitter! We threw away the remaining daikon and was less interested in sowing more daikon seeds..Now, you see, from the previous post, I was having 2 daikon plants in my garden..This morning I took one look at my growing daikon..The whitish part of the daikon has emerged from under the ground and I decided to give it another try..So, I harvested both the daikon that was planted in a small pot.. One looked rather scrawny, a bit longer than the other one, which was a big round..I cleaned them both and after removing the dirt, they looked so white, so pure and divine (oopppsss.I got a little bit carried away) that I almost lost all desire to cook them! (ok, I'm exaggerating at this point..heheheh)..but nonetheless, I cut them up and just did a simple stir-frying with some onion and garlic..When I put them in the mouth, I was speechless..The whitish part was far from has a nice tinge of sweetness that was undescribable (is there such word???) by words..unlike the daikon I bought a few weeks ago!  The leaves tasted just like bak choy but a bit tougher.. Though it's hard to persuade Mr Warhammer to like Daikon, I was determined to put this veggie on the family menu..I could now see the daikon swimming in my kids soup, stir frying it with some bak choy or spinach, etc..well folks, sorry for the rambling..gotta stop now before I continue blabbering more about my new sweetheart ..the daikon..Adios, people!!

One looked rather scrawny, but the other one looked fine to me..

Looking after a thorough peeling and washing..

Right after peeling...