Sunday, December 11, 2011

Edible garden updates..

Thought you guys want to know the latest updates of my edible garden..

Hi..My princess would give you a tour in my edible garden..hehehe

My roselle plant thriving well..hoping she can  bear me ribena-tasted fruits soon..

Kesom plant..growing taller and adding more branches..thinking of pruning them later..

My bamboo dance spinach and white spinach mingled together very well..The one with the mesh wire on was sowed with loose leaf summer green salad.The mesh wire was made to keep the furry friend out ..grrrr!!

A row of Mediterranean herbs..from left: celery, cinnamon basil, sage and rosemary..rosemary did not do very well these days..I wonder why..huhuhu

Cheery purple aster decorating my front fence.

A pot of chives..

Kacang buncis or bean ..climbing up my fence without any teaching..a pretty clever plant, I must say..

A pot of lemon grass/serai..the leaves need some trimming I believe..

Kaffir lime plant/ pokok limau purut..this is essential for the next pot of tomyam!

These are only some of my plants..will update soon ya..Bye for now..

       "Happy Gardening"

Okra you make my day!!

Hi there..I just finished my 1st draft of thesis so been quite busy lately..but now, since I have some spare time, gardening is back on the list of things to do..yippy..Well, yesterday I visisted my twin sis who lived nearby and she gave me some vegetable compost to feed my hungry in the evening,  my 2 little helpers followed me around while I fed all my veggies with the compost..I noticed there was one bigger bud growing on one of my okra, but I presumed it was a bunch of new leaves coming out. But, this morning, when I peeped down from my bedroom window I saw this awesome pale yellow with deep maroon centre flower coming out from my okra! I couldn't contain my excitement, so I ran out and took the pic of this gorgeous okra flower..Check it out..!!

Lovely okra flower...Hope there will be more of them soon!
 While taking photo of the okra flower, I caught a glimpse of my kangkung (water spinach) begging for me to harvest them..since we will be having fried fish for dinner, a nice kangkung dish with some coconut milk will go very well with the fish, so I decided to harvest the kangkung..

My styrofoam container full with kangkung..beckoning me to harvest them..

This kangkung was planted in just a styrofoam pesticide, no chemicals, just plain chicken manure fertlizer!You can do it too, you know..

"Happy Gardening, Folks!!"