Sunday, December 11, 2011

Okra you make my day!!

Hi there..I just finished my 1st draft of thesis so been quite busy lately..but now, since I have some spare time, gardening is back on the list of things to do..yippy..Well, yesterday I visisted my twin sis who lived nearby and she gave me some vegetable compost to feed my hungry in the evening,  my 2 little helpers followed me around while I fed all my veggies with the compost..I noticed there was one bigger bud growing on one of my okra, but I presumed it was a bunch of new leaves coming out. But, this morning, when I peeped down from my bedroom window I saw this awesome pale yellow with deep maroon centre flower coming out from my okra! I couldn't contain my excitement, so I ran out and took the pic of this gorgeous okra flower..Check it out..!!

Lovely okra flower...Hope there will be more of them soon!
 While taking photo of the okra flower, I caught a glimpse of my kangkung (water spinach) begging for me to harvest them..since we will be having fried fish for dinner, a nice kangkung dish with some coconut milk will go very well with the fish, so I decided to harvest the kangkung..

My styrofoam container full with kangkung..beckoning me to harvest them..

This kangkung was planted in just a styrofoam pesticide, no chemicals, just plain chicken manure fertlizer!You can do it too, you know..

"Happy Gardening, Folks!!"

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