Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wuzzup Ms Pinkie Rabbit??

Sorry folks for the long silence..been busy with personal things lately..Btw, things are going very well in my edible garden..2 days ago, we have the 1st harvest of my bamboo dance spinach (bayam daun tajam), my very 1st bak choy (aaahhhh..finally) and the evergrowing chives..Here r the pics:

The bamboo leaf spinach 2 days before harvesting..

Worth the waiting..3 month-old bak choy finally harvested!
Fresh from the garden after a heavy couldn't get any fresher than this!

Leaves of the bak choy..If I am not mistaken this is the New Jade Bak Choy

See the size of the spinach top leaves..I left the stalk for them to grow again..
The credit should be given to En Iskandar from was asking him last week why my bak choy was slow growing and many has actually withered away.. He suggested that I put them in a place where they can received sunlight especially in the morning, when plants make their food the most. He also mentioned that to build a strong stalk, they need plenty of sunlight and nutrients .So I quickly moved the bak choy pot (actually only 1 survived out of 20 plants I germinated) to a new place where the sun 1st hit in the morning. To my surprise, the stalk really grow, just as what Mr Iskandar said! So, within 2 weeks, I finally harvested my very 1st bak choy and I was really proud when my twin sis jealously commenting that maybe I used some growth hormone on them!!Hehehe..this bak choy is 100% organically grown and I strictly reminded myself that anything grown in my edible garden will be pesticide and hormone-free! 
        In this rainy season, my 3 pots of kangkung is doing very well and I planned to harvest them nx week. I have also asked Mr Warhammer to buy a mesh-wire to keep out the cat that littered my new pots of salad last week. Since the soil has already been infected by the fungal in their faeces, I throw away the soil, washed the pot and replaced the soil..I then sowed a generous amount of loose leaf summer salad in the pot..The mesh wire was put on top of it to keep the nasty cat out..grrrrr...!!
          The french bean is also doing very well eventhough I am very dissapointed that out of 8 beans sowed, only 1 germinate but she is thriving very well now that I had placed the pot near the fence..They have already climbing on the fence without any teaching from me..hehehe..they are very smart, really..
           My porch has officially became the Mediterranean herbs garden..this is where I put all my rosemary, sage, cinnamon basil and celery plants..Sometimes, when it is windy you can smell the fresh aromas come from these herbs.. They enjoy sunlight very much but respond rather badly to too much water..So since I did not trust the weather lately, they are kept under the protective shade of the porch and they seemed to love it..I have also added pandan or screwpine, kaffir lime, tomyam chillies, oval capsicum and red chillies to my edible garden..Will update about them later..Till then, bye-bye, folks!!

     "Happy Gardening, Folks!!"


  1. Hi, You have some lovely harvest! It is always so satisfying harvesting from your garden to the cooking pot! Thank you for stopping by my garden. I did not see any link to be your follower. Will be visiting again, have a lovely weekend!

  2. Hi kitchen flavours..yeah, haven't really finished editing my blog..will add the followers' linkage come and visit me again ya...thank you for visiting..:)