Sunday, November 13, 2011

Potato frenzy..

We found a new shopping centre to do our groceries..NSK has been introduced by my dear twin me and Mr Warhammer went on friday night to check it out..the specialty of this market is that you can also buy from the wholesaler department which is cheaper, of course..So I came across a sack of "Bangla potato"- this is the name written on the sack and it just costed us RM 4.90!! So my mind has already churning with many thoughts to fully utilized the sack of potatoes and shepherd pie came to my mind..So last Saturday we had potatoes for lunch and dinner..For lunch we had blackpepper beef stew with fried potatoes and 2 western dishes which were chicken and potato and shepherd pies..Check these out, folks!!

My unbaked chicken and potato pie

Baked chicken and potato pie..served with ketchup

Home made shepherd pie..yummy!
Will post the recipe later when I have the time..Bye for now, folks!

"Happy Cooking, Folks!!"

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