Monday, November 7, 2011

My 1st harvest of kangkung..

It has been raining heavily for the past weeks which made me moved all my okra to a new spot under the porch..The rainy days however, brought good news to my water convolvulus (or kangkung) and kesom..they grew very well in this rainy after seeing a few leaves turning yellow..I finally summoned the courage and decided to harvest them for the very first time..
My pot of  kangkung..

I know this is not much..but it was good enough for me...I also harvested a stalk of onion leaves together..

My earlier sowed bak choy did not survive very well, though..just keeping my fingers crossed for them to survive.. the veggies sowed together in the long pot on the other hand are doing very well under the porch..

My chinese celery..I noticed that they cannot have too much stalk has already died on me..

My baby bak choy..I have already plucked some so that they will have ample of space to grow..

Some of these are bak choy extra dwarf..

Bamboo dance spinach..they are slow growers compared to bak choy at first, but suddenly undergoing a growth spurt!
I was feeling under the weather these few not much gardening activity around the house until today..I managed to pluck dead leaves and sowed more kangkung seeds and butterhead lettuce..but all are kept under the protective shade of my porch..The weather was unpredictable these days!!

   "Happy Gardening, folks !!"

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