Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Kesom and Serai experiences..

I have quite a few experiences with serai or lemongrass and kesom. You will be quite surprised to know that I have failed 3 times before successfully grew one..Kesom on the other hand was a huge success on the first attempt but then the sequential attempt were total dismays..Based on these experiences I came to a conclusion that :

1) For Kesom..the stalk that wished to be planted should be from the freshest stalk possible..i.e..when you buy from the market, you should immediately remove the leaves, leaving about 3 topmost leaves and immersed it in water for a couple of days (it took me almost 5 days) for the roots to grow..Then, plant it straight to the ground or pot. If you used the refrigerated one, eventhough it will grow roots after immersing in water, the stalk will just wither away after some times.

2) The same goes to lemon grass..Use the freshest one as possible..Do not use the old ones or it will just dry up and die..

This is how my pot of kesom looks like now..

My proud pot of kesom..

Just a month before it looked like this..I then gave them a new smaller home (pic above) as I needed the pot for my roselle plant..heheh

This is my successfully grown lemon grass..adding more leaves each day..
Finally..the stalk started to grow leaves..

"Happy Gardening, Folks!"

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