Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ms Pinkie Rabbit's edible garden current updates..

Hello folks!! My obsession towards gardening remained strong and this is the longest hobby that I maintained continuously  so far (according to Mr Warhammer) besides baking..Before this I had ventured into many things from on-line business, beading, sewing, cup cakes and many more..but those passions did not survive very long.. This morning, me and my twin sister took a little trip to Sungai Buloh to visit a nursery there and ended up buying a kaffir lime tomyam chilli plant, 10 packs of soils and more babba pots..Will post about the plants soon. Enough about that, let's take a tour to my edible garden, folks!!

Before going for a tour in my garden, these are starter pot made from newspapers..You can google how to do this thru' youtube..

Chinese celery (daun sup) germinated from the seeds..They are very temperamental and took about 4-5 weeks to germinate..I did not put much hope on this as they looked very fragile..will update you soon on its growth..

Another break from the tour..found this book in MPH..eventhough it is for western farming but I found their tips on propagation and types of soil very useful..

My chives flowers  had already blossoming and showed me her beautiful snowy flowers. I planned to let them dry out a little and catch their seeds in plastic bags for more chives in the future..

New Jade Pak Choy sowed close to each other waiting for me to thin them down so that they can thrive well

I got this polystyrene container  from my acetonitrile (used for my lab works) boxes, I cut out some of the insides and are now accompanying my babas and ceramic pots in my garden..I utilized it to grow more kangkung since my last success with kangkong..The seeds were purchased from Mr Iskandar from tanamsendiri.com..

Extra Dwarf Pak Choy sowed in the same container with Chives..making full use of the tight container space I have

Another pot of chives with pak choy..

My thriving galangal..I dd not give much attention to them but they are doing very well..

Newly planted onion leaves..

I was baffled by the condition of these bak choy..Thay are very slow growers..These bak choy are 3 month-old!Bak Choy really posed a challenge to me..I was amazed when others had claimed that their bak choys are ready to be harvested after 1 month..grrrrr..nonetheless, I patiently watered and fed them chicken manure every 2 weeks..

Another 2 bak choy plants in another small pots.. Thay are doing well compared to the one in the large pot..I wonder why.. hmmmm...

This little fellow germinated from the seeds of the oval capsicum I mentioned in the previous post..can't wait for it to grow and transplant to a bigger pot..

These are the stalks from the harvested pot which grow for the second time,,The tallest one was the one surviving from my experiment of sowing them under the shade..Looks like kangkung enjoys germinating under full sunshine..

These are chinese celery that was grown from the stalk..Some has already wilted away..Only 2 survived and I did not have the heart to throw them away..so sad..:(

My coriander thriving happily under the full sunlight now that I have moved them from under the shade..

4 out of 8 tomato plants..I read from my gardening book that 2 or 3 tomato plants are enough to feed the whole family but they are so precious to be discarded..so I finally decided to keep them..

I was fascinated in making my own compost but Mr Warhammer warned me that since we are living very close to the neighbors, the stench will disturb them..how I wish I have my own land to turn to my very own garden where I can really work on REAL gardening..making my own compost, bigger beds for my veggies and herbs..But for now, I have to make do with what I have (sigh....)

"Happy Gardening, Folks!!"


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