Monday, March 12, 2012

Gardening mode..

Wuzzup guys..Things are going a little slow in Ms Pinkie Rabbit's garden..but she has come back with a vengeance..Yup..a new era has emerged..What I mean is basically replacing old plants with new ones..This morning, I got an extra energy to pull out all ageing spinach plants from their roots and sowed the pots with celery, coriander and new jade pak choy..The rest of the stories are in the caption under the pics ok?

This coriander has already bolted. When they bolted they will give out smaller sized leaves..i continued plucking them to promote growth and they are doing fine..

I was astonished at the plight of this small chilli plant..She's so tiny but has already bearing me fruit..Though there is only one, but it kept me captivated just to watch her growing..

This is the big roselle plant that has already started to bear fruits..

This is the bigger pic of the roselle plant..

Remember my last entry on making your own liquid enzyme? I have started using them on my plants and eversince, my kaffir lime plants are growing new shoots and are looking healthier too..Next to them is my lemongrass (serai) plant that has been a given a new hair cut..:)

I dunno what I have in mind when I sowed both pak choy and daikon in the same pot..Now I dun have the heart to remove both..what the heck..juz leave them alone!..btw, the pak choy flowers look really pretty dun they?

Chives are growing rampantly in my garden, sharing the pot with the coriander

My now aging okras..The leaves had fallen out..The fruit was left to mature to bear me seeds..but I plant to test a new breed..not quite happy with this one,,but they really are faithful..

As already mentioned earlier, the spinach has been pulled out and I have already sowed them with coriander, celery and new jade pak choy..

To date I have already harvested about 15 roselle fruits..I know the amount is very little but I yearned to have a taste of home made roselle juice. This was made out from around 10 roselle fruits..Can't wait to taste them. I left them to cool down as I update my blog!The upper pic showed you the roselle seeds that are being dried for seed savings..

"Happy Gardening, Folks!!"