Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lovely surprises over the weekend!

Sorry for the long hiatus, to catch up with work, adapting to the long forgotten environment, adapting to a new life style, etc..However, my hobby still going strong though there were times that the garden was totally ignored. My twin sister kept begging me to update this sis, here it is!Anyway, over the weekend I went for a walk in my garden, did some weeding and putting the chicken fertilizers on the plants..A few weeks earlier, I have sowed some brinjals (Bride type), mini cucumber, more okras and roselle seeds. This time I experimented with  the roselle seeds collected from my very own garden. I did not have much hope on the mini cucumber. Just take a look at her plight:

Mini cucumber ..drying up..

Next to the mini cucumber is my aster flower pot and galangal pot. I was weeding my galangal pot when I noticed an egg-shaped figure peeping straight at me. At first I thought, a bird is laying an egg in the galangal pot as it got very bushy (and maybe it looks like a nest to the bird) but to my amazement, look at what I found!

Maybe it's not very clear here..but it's a cucumber! They actually invade the galangal pot!! Naughty little cucumber..:)
I also got a glimpse of more cucumber flowers that promises more mini cucumber fruits! I think they dislike the pot I put them they migrate to the neighbouring pots!Aha! Very naughty indeed!

Mini cucumber flowers..

The next day was raining cats and dogs, so no watering the plants that day. From my window, I devoured the scenery of my garden when something caught my attention..

A tomato fruit hanging from one of my 5 tomato plants!I tied it to a stick so that the branches won't break..
To tell you the truth, I almost giving up all hopes to grow tomatoes. The previous seed sowed were purchased from TESCO. But this time around I purchased from Mr. Iskandar from Then, when they started flowering, I pinched the upper part (the shoots) of the plant so that the nutrients were directed to the fruits and not at growing new leaves, etc. Before this, all my tomato plants either died from some kind of disease or the flowers did not turn into fruits. I was so ecstatic to see the fruits and hoped that they will turn to nice, fat, juicy tomatoes!

Tomato from another pot of tomato..I could stare at them all day long! (sighhhh..)
A few weeks back, I experimented sowing the roselle seeds collected from my very own plants..They have started to bear me fruits!

Now I can start my very own seed keeping..

Brinjals did not like to grow in my garden..Out of the 20 seeds sowed..only 1 become a true survivor in the garden. I am crazy about brinjals. One of my favorite dishes is brinjals cooked with spicy gravy (terung masak sambal). Hope this one feels welcomed in my humble garden.Please enjoy your stay here ya!

Brinjals (the Bride type)..

Guess, that's all, folks! Will update you soon on my tomato progress..if they turn out fine ok? No promises..:-)

"Happy Gardening, Folks!"