Monday, April 4, 2011

Lessons learnt for researchers or researchers-to be out there..

If there is one mistake that I would like to amend, it was my procrastinating habit!! Yup..I like to procrastinate for only-god-knows why reasons..I would have accomplished more if only I can use my time wisely..n time flew by so fast that I am already in my final year of my Master degree..hmmm..there is only 9 month left before I have to submit my final thesis..Btw, I would love to share with u..yes u!!..the young eager minds of tomorrow on my mistakes on the past n make u 1 step wiser  (than me) before u make any move to further ur studies..So here goes..

1) Plan what kind of research u r REALLY interested in..chemistry?pharmacology? biotech? Why I highlighted the word in capital letters? Becoz u r going to coop up doing this thing for a couple of years.Thus, if u do not have an interest on the may bore u to death for the next couple of choose wisely..
2) Now u have thought of the subject, think deeper on the it going to be lab-based or survey-based research..different people have different interests ..Next, think on what aspect of the subject that u would like to approach..For example..u would like to explore some kind of method that nobody has ever used (like my study), or to compare between 2 or more methods, etc..
3) Or if u did not hv any idea or topic on top of your head..approach ur most favourite supervisor..yes..correct ..ur most favourite supervisor..he/ she may have known u from ur undergraduates n u should feel comfortable around him/her. Supervisor is one of the most important aspect when u r conducting ur research..I have witnessed some unfortunate colleagues who cannot proceed with their work due to some "unforeseen incidents" involving their supervisors
4) Next, do some research on the topics BEFORE u register with any university to continue with ur research..I would suggest that u do ur very own literature review before u register..this include on what kind of method to use, the past studies that has been conducted on that particular subjects, the facilities available in the university, the instruments that u may use, etc..
5) Prepare ur mind, body and soul..u gotta prepare urself on what will befall u for the next couple of years..doing research is not always beds of roses..u have to be prepared on the heartache(yes, u may have one of this along ur journey), depression (this is a close friend of mine), misery, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and fatigue (mentally n physically). It would be the best if u have sumone who really cares n can kiss ur problem away at desperate time like these to actually pillow the impact of all these negative energy.)-like a husband or a cuddly little cat..purrrrrrrr..
6) When u r at ur best of health, do not as much work as .in my course of study..I have fallen sick with pneumonia which cost me 1 month to plz be prepared for any possibilities/catastrophe..

Well, wow..think that is enuff for now..I do not want to bore u with all the details or even  worse scaring u from doing ur I would like to sign off with this infamous saying from Commander Spock.."Live long and prosper" (Gosh, I'm totally into Mr Spock n I juz saw Star Trek yesterday n I can't get him out of my plz bear with me)..hehehe..ngeeeeee...

Miss Pinkie Rabbit

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