Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lazy and demotivated!!

I have been suffering these symptoms for 2 days in a row..I gotta do sumtin!!  At last, I got up and prepare the typical Asian lunch (rice-of course  and black pepper beef stew) which costed me only half an hour to prepare since the 2 cute little pinkie bunnies were not around (They are at my MIL's house-yippee!!)..But I kinda missed them today..So, finally I thought..hmmmm..I gotta goggle ways how I can motivate myself and I kinda like what I found...to summarize, these r some ideas that u can try  when u r feeling a little depress, demotivated and lost:

- Think of happy thought before going to sleep

- First thing in the morning, look forward to one happy thing that u enjoy everyday (like starting ur day with your favourite "teh tarik")

- Plan ahead the things that u want to accomplish that very day..preferably, jot it down so that u can scroll down the list..it can be juz simple things to keep you rolling on

- Be thankful for all the simple things in life-such as the air you breath, the scenery as you drive to work, for living in a peaceful country, etc

These are the things that I found useful for me to motivate myself..so adios for now..gotta get up and finish my thesis..Tata!!

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