Monday, April 4, 2011

Why Pinkie Rabbit??

U juz have to excuse me for writing so much in one day..well, I have been asked by my twin sister..why Pinkie Rabbit? Well, to start the midst of my excitement to create my own blog, I realized that I dun have a name for my blog..n out of nowhere the image of Pinkie rabbit, the favourite character in one of my daughter's  (Aryssa) story book that she had begged me to read to her every single day popped out in my mind..That is how this blog find it's name..This is for those of u who may wonder the linkage of this blog name with me..Ms Pinkie Rabbit..Hope I did not violated any copyright laws with this name..Till then..bye...


  1. oh i seee .. i thought u have pink colored rabbit

  2. Nape sume orang fikir macam tu ek? Dah 2 org ckp camtu...hmmmm...