Monday, September 26, 2011

Starting my own edible garden

Greetings, folks!! I finally had the time to snap some pics of my edible garden when I got back early from work yesterday..Hope you will enjoy these pics..

My little helper posing happily next to my pinkish-turned white small zinnia

Can you see little baby ocra sprouting from the seed?

Bird-chillies plant purchased from local nursery

A closer look at my bird-chillies..Many had been happily plucked by my little helper

Gift from my beloved mother..curry leaves plant

Turmeric..I found small whitish snails nibbling at the leaves.managed to hand pluck them one by one yesterday..
Can you see a tall new leaves appearing from the stem? I actually cut the stem a bit since the stem seemed a bit dry..Alhamdulillah, it grows new leaves that hopefully will be ready by the time I want to  make another pot of rendang!
Trying my luck at growing onion leaves..

 I read somewhere that if we do not have the one that have already sprouting, we can actually cut off the upper part (or in other word, circumcise the upper part, just a little bit) and plant the bulb straight away. Just 2 days ago,when  I wanted to replace it to another pot, I saw new freshly grown roots started to form at the base of the bulb. Just this morning I inspected this pot and I saw the first glimmer of the green leaves appeared at the head part of the bulb but I didn't manage to snap any pics since I'm already late for work..
Rows of my potted edible plants.The seed were just sowed and hopefully they will germinate soon!

Faithful mango tree in my lawn..we seldom have the opportunity to taste the fruits since the fruit bats and civet cat got to them first!What a pity..

My little helper peering from inside the house and giving me one of her favourite pose
So, how about you? Hope you are also inspired to start your very own edible garden..

                     "Happy gardening everyone!!"

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