Thursday, September 29, 2011

Update on my edible garden..

I know it was only like 5 days ago since I last posted on my edible garden, but I could not contain my excitement to share with you the progress on my edible garden..So check it out, folks!!

Pic of little baby ocra taken last Monday

Baby ocra has grown into 4-inch tall ocra plants in just 4 days!

These are onion leaves from the bulbs experimented by me last week..

These are not edible, though..these are from the marigold seeds sowed last week..or was it bak choy??I should label my veggies next time..(making a mental note to myself)
Looks like I have "green hands" after all in planting veggies..tee hee. hee..I can't wait to see other veggies coming out from the seeds I sowed.What took you so long guys?? The chives (or kucai in Malays) have not germinated yet ..Patience, patience..

                        "Happy Gardening Everyone!!!"

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