Thursday, September 29, 2011

What;s Cooking In the Pot, Ms Pinkie Rabbit??

Sorry for putting too many entries in 1 day..Please bear with me since I would like to write as much as I can before the laziness in me creeps in..This was our dinner last nite..or rather.. late evening dinner..

My chicken rendang  simmering merrily in the pan..

Turmeric leaf from my own edible garden which will be added to my rendang

Red spinach and carrot soup to compliment my rendang and for my prince's lunch tomorrow

My version of chicken rendang..
Speaking of rendang, there are many version of rendang: rendang minang (usually with bird chillies added), rendang tok (Perakian specialties,but I personally dun like it very much), rendang pedas, etc..This is my version of rendang pedas but a healthier version which I only put about only 3/4 cup of coconut milk (santanlah..)..Some people like my father likes it very, very dry but this house prefers the one with lots of gravy..whenever I cook meals for my family I cannot go without any veggies..some may find it odd why the red spinach soup complimented my rendang but as I said, I can never eat any meals without veggies..

                     "Happy Cooking, Folks!!"


  1. Wow.. It looks great! Must be tastes so delicious, right?
    Ms Pinkie Rabbit, your tumeric leaf from that fantastic edible garden makes your rendang so awesome, i guess! ^___~

  2. Thank you My Lady..Hope you enjoy surfing through my blog. Keep reading...