Monday, September 26, 2011

What's Cooking Ms Pinkie Rabbit??

I'm in my mood to write another entry. So, please bear with me, folks! These are the dishes that I cooked for dinner yesterday..
Sotong goreng kunyit..or squid stir-fried with turmeric powder and some shallots. I also threw in some bird-chillies from my edible garden..yummy!!!
It has been so long since I last cooked this squid dish. It reminds me of the good old days where me and my twin sis cooked together, chattering happily as we cooked this dish together.
Black pepper stir fried beef with traffic light capsicum
This is one of this house favourite dish. In fact, this dish is a compulsory dish every week. My husband loves this dish in one condition, not too much pepper in it! Can you see the traffic light capsicum embedded together in the gravy? How I wish that capsicums were from my own edible garden...:)

"Happy  cooking everyone!!"

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