Saturday, October 1, 2011

3 new members in my edible garden..

Remember when I mentioned that I paid my mum a visit in the previous entry?? Well, my mum was very generous and she gave me another 2 plants that I immediately added to my edible garden upon reaching home..My mum was really supportive of my new hobby..thanks, mum!! You should see her own edible garden...Unfortunately, I was in a hurry to get home that I forgot to snap the picture..Btw, feel free to check out these new members!
Galangal ..or lengkuas in be added to my rendang next time!

Chives or kucai plant..the chives seeds that were sowed the other day has not germinated, so my mum gave me this to soothe my frustration..:p
Then, my maid added this lemon grass plant to another pot, so there goes the third member of my edible garden..
The newest member in my edible garden..the lemon grass plant
 And here is the latest update of my onion plant...

My onion leaves..growing prosperously and ready to be harvested soon!

                                 "Happy Gardening, Folks!!"

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