Monday, October 10, 2011

Gardening crafty..

Heyo folks!! This is just a quick cap on what  I did during last weekend. Yup, I did some gardening and added a few more plants in my edible garden. I also asked Mr Warhammer to do some crafty  work for my garden  (well, sort of..).. 
       I realized that I wanted to germinate the plants from the seeds first, then only I transferred the "chosen ones"   to a bigger pot. So, since I did  not have a small pot at the moment, I cut the top part of an empty and thoroughly washed  2 l cooking oil bottle so that they formed  a small pot. The next part was done by Mr Warhammer. He drilled 4 holes to the bottom of the bottle so that water will not be stagnant inside the bottle during watering. I also did the same to another small container. I then added half of the black soil (purchased from TESCO) and another half part with gardening soil. This is how it looks like:

For the small container, I planted chinese celery seeds ( or daun sup in Malay) and  tomato seeds. The tomato seeds were the left overs tomato from the last cooking and I dried them  up under the sun for 2 days. In the big container, I sowed tomato seeds bought from the packet seeds sold in TESCO I did this experiment to see which one will germinate faster and  formed a healthier plant later. I also planted dried seeds from the kasturi lime (limau kasturi) into another  big pot with the hope that  the next time whenever I need a cold jug of lemonade, I don't have to buy the lime from the market again!!
      I also planned to plant some kesom leaf plant (sorry, I don't know the name in English) but it's a fragrant leaf added to the asam pedas or laksa. I pulled out all the leaves and left the stalk. I then immersed the bottom part of the stalk with water and I'm waiting for the roots to grow Once they grow, the kesom stalk can be planted straightaway into the pot.
Waiting patiently for the roots of the kesom stalk to grow..
Yesterday, I read over the internet that the chinese celery can also be planted from the stalk. So, I immediately cut 2 inches of the stalk together with the root part and planted it straight to the ground. Will add up the pics later..So, that's all for now folks!! Will update you on their progress soon  !!!

                     "Happy Gardening, Folks!!"

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