Friday, October 21, 2011

Review of Me'nate Steak House...

What an odd name..that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the name of this steak house. This restaurant was a fully Malay-owned restaurant and located at Jalan Kolam Air, Ampang..
You can purchase beef salami and even sausages from this shop
Since it was raining heavily last nite, I couldn't snap the outer part of the restaurant, so this is the cover of the menu so that you guys can have the proper spelling of the name of the restaurant

Some of the menu offered, but beware, the price is per 100gm of meat!

 I ended up ordering grain-fed rib eye beef steak..(yupl, no lamb this time)..and Mr Warhammer ordered grain-fed tenderloin steak..There were many types of meat that you can choose from- Angus and even the most expensive beef, the Wagyu beef! The best thing is that you can actually choose your own cut from the massive fridges inside the restaurant..I overheard the restaurant's owner telling  other customers that the tastiest meat would be the rib eye cut.Seemed like I made the best choice afterall.The beverage was free-flow and was inclusive with any purchase of the steak..There were other dishes on the menu such as pastas, burgers, syabu (I guess, this means slices of raw meat), etc..
My princess with her brand new red jacket..

The sausages were actually intact..Mr Warhammer cut them up for our princess. The sausages were served on a big heap of coleslaw

This pic was taken halfway through pardon me if  everything's a mess! This ribeye was served with mashed potatoes and a big heap of crispy coleslaw

The steak was awesome! I would never look at steak the same way again..The meat was so succulent and the fat just melt in your mouth..The restaurant also receive the Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM) plaque with "Awesome Steak" scribbled on it..The coleslaw was so crispy and not soggy at all and the portion was reasonable. The downside of the dish  is that  they could have  added some leafy vegetables and tomatoes to add more colours to the dish..oh, well..
Part of the restaurant's ambience. The ambience is quite mediocre though

All in all, I would give this restaurant 5 stars for the steak and 3 stars for the ambience and the service..We would definitely come again next time..Till then, see you in the future entry, folks!

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