Sunday, October 23, 2011

More updates on my edible garden..

Things are going rather slow  around my edible garden recently..There were several days of heavy downpours that totally destroyed my chinese celery that were grown from the stumps. What a heartache!! I vow to myself that after this, all the baby plants and recently sowed plants will be moved under the porch where they can also enjoy plenty of sun lights and at the same time protected from the vicious rain. There were also additional pots,  added to my edible garden since I have already used up all the pots that were given by my MIL. Enough of the blabbing, check these out, folks!!
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After the rain had mercilessly destroyed my chinese celery, I planted another 8 stumps and put them under the shade.

I bought 7 small pots for seeds sowing from TESCO for about RM0.70 each..This time I labelled the pots carefully to avoid confusion

The pakchoy (New Jade),Extra Dwarf Pakchoy  and Bamboo Dance Spinach all sowed in the same  pot..I made a mistake of sowing too much in 1 hole. Will just sprinkle the seeds evenly next  time..(making a mental note to myself)

My disarray onion leaves ..waiting to be harvested..blame it on the rain!

These are New Jade Pak Choy in 2 different size pot. I noticed that pak choy grown in bigger pot will grow up much faster than the smaller pot..

Tomato plants, they are such a slow grower..waiting patiently for them to grow bigger before removing them to a bigger pot

Kangkong is my champ..They are so easy to grow and they looked cute! Think there will be another 2 weeks before they can be harvested

My roselle plant. Out of 5 seeds harvested, 3 had emerged and growing at a very fast rate..Next to them, I discovered that the coriander has also germinated (pics not shown). Can't wait to taste the ribena-like juice from the flowers!

Okra or lady's fingers plant that has been removed to a bigger pot..

My chilli plant..growing stronger each day..

My Kesom plant, adding more leaves and has been given a new home!
 New member in my edible garden..the rosemary plant..I bought this from COLD STORAGE for about RM 5.90..I then transferred it to a new pot upon reaching home..plan to use them to marinate my roasted chicken tomorrow..yummy

 My mum also gave me another pot full of chives but I harvested all the chives and arranged the younger ones properly to make some way for my growing bakchoy and spinach..Now, I will spend almost half-an hour every evening to water and inspect the plants..Feels like I can look at them for hours without being bored! See you next time..

         "Happy Gardening, Folks!!"

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