Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turmeric oh turmeric..

Heyo there! Yesterday, I harvested turmeric from the small pot I have in my edible garden. The pot seemed overcrowded and I can see the  turmeric already popped out of the ground. So I pulled the biggest plant and left the younger ones to grow more leaves for my rendang.. Here are the snapshots of my first harvest of turmeric ..

The turmeric was just taken from one  plant..I was quite surprised with what I found..

Quite a lot coming from just one plant!

These chives were harvested from the pot Mum gave me ..Half of these ended up in my fried char kuey teow last night..hehehe

Just a day before, we had roasted chicken and salad for dinner. The chicken was marinated with rosemary leaves (from my edible garden, of course!), garlic, black pepper, salt and some olive oil. We devoured on it hungrily until I didn't have the time to snap it :).. Btw,  I came across this oval shape capsicum from JUSCO and added it into my salad. It had a sweet natural taste and so crispy that I munched on it while cooking. I also scattered the seeds in a pot  with the hope it will germinate and produce me more of these crispy capsicums..yummy!!

The salad was so tasty that I made another round of salad for my lunch today!

I'm quite worried with the number of pots we have in our garden at the moment. Added up, there are altogether 38 pots in my garden! Mr Warhammer advised me that I should stop adding more pots and let whatever I have right now to grow and sow more plants after the first harvest..I have already bought carrots, butterhead and purple salad seeds and I couldn't wait to sow the seeds..but my hubby was right..I should take a break and watched my babies grow and harvest them before sowing more..Looking forward for the next harvest..Take, care!!

       " Happy Gardening, Folks!"

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