Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gardening obsession...helppp!!!

10 years ago, the thought of gardening repulsed me. I even thought it's a nuisance to do gardening and even mad when my mother keep asking us to water her precious plants, but, never in a million years would I imagined that I would do gardening. Now, I even day dreaming about my edible garden during working hours!! Gardening has definitely became my new obsession..Weird, I know..I love to peep out of my bedroom window every morning and reminisce at the view of my potted plants below..it was beyond satisfaction especially when there is a nice surprise awaiting such as the sight of new leaf appearing from the seeds sowed, etc..
View of my potted plant from my bedroom window.such a glorious view for me..
Anyway, yesterday I cooked a special concoction for the ants I found lurking on my zinnia flowers..The concoction was made up of boiled dried chillies and a few drops of dish washing liquid..Weird huh?? Yep..I actually found this concoction recipe over the internet and you can also add some crushed garlic in. This is how it looks like..

My secret concoction for the ants...
I also sowed water spinach (kangkung), brinjals and kai lan seeds yesterday. I just couldn't help adding more vegetables to my edible garden!..I even ordered new seeds from Mr Iskandar from tanamsendiri.com and I'm looking forward for the roselle seeds to arrive..If you wish to purchase vegetables seeds, you can just surfed through his blog and you can get 5 packets of different vegetable seeds for only RM10..Anyway, these are the updates of my edible garden. Check it out, folks!!

I don't know whether these are capsicum or red chillies plant since I sowed both in the same pot..Guess I will have to find out later when they start fruiting

I got a pleasant surprise this morning when I saw that the chinese celery stalk has started to grow their leaves!They are sharing the pot with the okra plant

I myself was baffled at the condition of my once lush bird-chillies plant.It died slowly on me..What a heartache!! Anyway, the bak choi grew healthily around it..

My harvested onion plants had started growing their leaves again! I have also added another 4 bulbs to the pot

I am currently waiting for my chinese celery, tomatoes, brinjals, water spinach and kai lan to germinate. The waiting is killing me..hehehe..(been an impatient person myself)..Will update on them later when there is any progress. Till then, take care!!
                                     " Happy Gardening, Folks!!"

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