Monday, October 3, 2011

Review of D' One Steak House, Bangi

D'One Steak House, Bangi

Mushroom soup as our starter

Sea coconut juice for me..
Chicken Cordon Blue for Mr. Warhammer

Mixed lamb steak (chicken+lamb cutlets) for me..
Since I didn't have the energy to cook (or in other word, plain laziness), Mr Warhammer (my hubby) took us for a Western dinner at D'One Steak House, Bangi (yup, another steak house again!)..We had been eyeing this place for ages but never have the opportunity to visit it since it was always packed. This restaurant is directly opposite Seri Bangi, the new housing area in Bangi and just a walk away from the Bangi famous Mac Donald.
       When I stepped into the restaurant, the interior deco was quite mediocre. There was no fancy deco on the wall. Only one small fountain greeted us at the entrance which captivated my little princess. The service, however, was fast. There's nothing much to look around and there was only one tv at the front part of the restaurant which is insufficient to accommodate the customer at the center and at the inner part of the restaurant. The food was  a total dismay, starting off with the thin mushroom soup. Anyway, I appreciated the celery added to the otherwise plain mushroom soup. Mr. Warhammer also ordered Grilled Cheese Sandwiches which turned out to be 2 plain breads with a piece of melted cheese sandwiched between the bread. I even doubted that the sandwich was grilled! This grilled sandwich costed around RM4.50! For this price, we expected to see at least some side dish such as grilled sausages or an egg or a piece of chicken ham chucked in between the bread
      However, I was quickly cajoled by the sight of the large portion of my mixed steak laid in front of me. Unfortunately, the lamb chops were almost 70% fat and almost only 20% meat! No wonder the portion was big! ..The coleslaw was ok and there was a half of a small boiled potato  with 2 leaves of lettuce at the side which were fine to me, but the tomato they gave was only like 1/6 of a tomato! Mr Warhammer's cordon blue was not bad for the portion size but the fries were cold! We left the restaurant feeling rather disappointed.. The owner will need more improvement in terms of the restaurant ambience, the quality of the food and the value for money factor..All in all, I would give only 1 star for this restaurant...

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