Monday, October 10, 2011

First harvest of the onion leaves!!

Well, I enjoyed the first harvest of the onion leaves which I grew almost 3 week ago..I cut only the leaves and left a few inches of the stalk so that new leaves will grow.. I added the leaves and a handful of chives leaves (given by my Mum last time) to my prawn fritters (cucur udang) made on Saturday..

My first harvest of onion leaves..

Onion leaves and chives added to the other ingredients
Prawn fritters ready for breakfast with a hot pot of tea
 I also harvested a few stalk of curry leaves to be added to my beef curry we had for lunch. Since Mr Warhammer did not want any rice for lunch, I cooked him Paratha instead to eat with the beef curry.

Too bad you cannot see the curry leaves swimming in the gravy...hehehe..

             " Happy Cooking and Happy Gardening, Folks!!"

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