Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Edible Garden: Current updates!

Good Monday morning, folks!! It has been a very busy weekend between spending time with my loved ones, gardening and weeding our new house in Bangi..Anyway, can't wait to fill you up on the current updates,so, what are you waiting for, check these out, folks!!

My kesom plant also started to grow leaves..plan to stick more stems to this pot soon! They looked a bit disarray, though..

Can you guess which plant does these adorable leaves belong to?? It's the kangkong plant!! They grow in just 3 days after sowing!

My turmeric plant grows profusely well after putting in some organic fertiliser about 3 weeks ago..See how lush the leaves are!

Still confused whether these are capsicum or chillies plant since I sowed them in the same pot.Whatever it is, it's growing well in my garden!

My onion leaves turned a bit yellowish due to the dry spells these few days. Hope they are ok! If you noticed, the part from where they were last cut was thinner than from the one recently sowed, but was still good for consumption..Waiting for the right time to harvest them..

Aaaah..the chinese celery leaves are growing very fast from the stalks planted..Can imagine the leaves floating in my chicken soup already..hehehe

These tomato plants were sowed in the oil container last week..There are about 7 plants altogether..I planned to shift them to a bigger pot when they are stronger. Loos like the seeds from TESCO won after all..The one from the leftovers has not germinated yet..

My little helper posing between my potted plant..

From my previous post, I did mention that this small zinnia has turned from pinkish to whitish, right?? However, after putting fish gut and prawn head fertiliser, it suddenly turned pinkish again!!
I guess the pH of the soil has come to the right level again.I 'm hoping all the flowers will turn pinkish so that they can add more colours to my lawn. Btw, I'm making my own organic fertiliser from fish gut, prawn head and prawn shell. What I did was I blend all these together with water and you'll have your own organic fertiliser..I did this every 2 weeks..The result?? You just see how lush  my turmeric plant now. 6  months before, I neglected it and just leave it out  there to survive on its own..
     Btw, I have also spotted new leaves coming out from another pot but I'm still wondering whether it is the coriander plant (ketumbar) or roselle plant since I sowed both in the same pot..It's fun guessing which plant the leaves belong to..will snap the pics soon..Ta-ta, folks!!
                         "Happy Gardening, folks!!"

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